Viorel Corodescu COV

Humor… AT HUMOR!…

I am delighted that, together with Radu Bercea, George Gavrilean and Florin Sușinschi, we were the godparents of the First Humor Salon at Gura Humorului, of course with Vera Romaniuc, Constantin Logigan, Rodica Dominte, Marcel Mureșanu but also with my colleagues Vasile Crăiță — Mândră, Ștefan Popa Popa’s, Sorin Postolache, Gabriel Bratu, Mihai Pânzaru, Mihai Truică and epigrammists George Petrone, Cornel Udrea, Ștefan Stroe, Ion Cozmici, Ion Drăgușanul.

On this special anniversary (30 consecutive editions — the longest-lived and most recognized Romanian and for now, even international Humor show), I can say that I gathered in my bag 173 different stories: 74 years of life, 49 autumns of published caricature, 30 editions of the Humorean Salon and, since I gladly offer to the new hopes of drawing humor the prize COV, another 20.

As a native of Iași, adopted by the people of Bucovina since 1972 when I came to Suceava, I’m fully satisfied with the greatest joy brought to me by this event. In fact, I want you to know that Gura Humorului, led by the pleasent humorous mayor Marius Ursaciuc, is my second home next to bohemian world of Iași that formed me.

Even if, Covid-19 didn’t allow us to be together on this anniversary, I have the satisfaction of being by your side in the capital of Roumanian Humor. By signing COV the drawings, I even enjoy everything that God gives us and I have no past or future regrets.
May the festival last and fill our souls with joy and laugh healthily as we have done so far.

With friendship, I kindly sending you a image in this context.

Stefan Popa Popas

Humor at… Gura Humorului — 30

Famous artists have passed during ,,Humor at.. Gura Humorului” , 30 editions Festival bringing prestige not only for the city but also to Romania by the fact that it has been internationalized and has a well deserved place into satirical and humor landscape competitions.

There were difficult times when the Festival risked stopping but kind-hearted people put all their efforts and by the end, they managed to have a jubilee edition this year.
I wish long life to the Festival especially since the current mayor, Marius Ursaciuc, was the initiator but also the leader of the humor band from 1990-2000.

Happy birthday!!
Ștefan Popa — POPA’S
July, 2020

Mihai Pânzaru PIM

30 years of Humor at Gura Humorului — to the world’s eyes, ears and heart

As is the tradition in Bucovina, not only the Wedding but also the Baptism involves a number of godparents, more than one as is customary in other places. So, the ideea of a humor festival at Gura Humorului was immediatly born after the Revolution from December ’89. I was also among these godparents together with Florin Sușinschi, Marcel Mureșeanu și Rodica Dominte from the county cultural forums, Gura Humorului Town Hall and the Museum of Popular Customs in Bucovina. The name of this festival seemed to be on the tip of the satirical art lovers tongue and literary cheerfulness. At that time, there were two necessary starting points: on the one hand, the International Humor Salon from Suceava (since 1974!) and on the other, the desire for the cultural-artistic emancipation of humorean people who have on their side the AZbest group lead by Marius Ursaciuc and the talented local group of cartoonists Florin Sușinschi, Radu Bercea, George Gavrileanu și Teo Bocăneț. Step by step, the humorean salon passed from a county status to a national and finally, into a international one. For this performance, in 1999, I was also rewarded with the title of Gura Humorului Honorary Citizen.
I’ m so pleased to mention important names of Romanian cartoonists present on the humorean panels: Gabriel Bratu, Octavian Bour, Constantin Ciosu, Crăiță Mândră Vasile, Horațiu Mălăele, Mihai Boacă, Florian Doru Crihană, PopaS (Academy), Olaș Doru Ghiocel, Constantin Papuc, George Licurici, Alexandru Bartfeld, Paula Șalar, Ovidiu Ambrozie Bortă – BoA, Mara Ungureanu, Iulian Dziubinschi, Sorin Ursan from Clit, etc. Ars longa, vita brevis!
In the meanwhile, esteemed and regretted caricaturists have passed away: George Gavrileanu, Sorin Postolache, Molnar Denes, Traian Furnea, Mihai Stănescu, Zebi Ianovici! Among the humorous writers I am pleased to mention Cornel Udrea, Ananie Gagniuc, Constantin Moldovan but also the beloved passed one, Efim Tarlapan from Basarabia… The 30 years editions celebration is made online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a time of highlighted humor only by the physical and spiritual existence of his true servants. The Salon was born in postrevolutionary Romania and now is celebrated in the UE community.
Congratulations to us, from more to greater!
Even under the mask, you can grin from ear to ear.

Mihai Pânzaru – PIM, Sketcher, Knight of Art, July 2020

Elvira Romaniuc

At the age of 30, the age of maturity, it is worth remembering some moments from the existence of a Festival which became a reference point on the map of the world’s comedians.

The International Festival of Satirical Graphics and Humorous Literature ,,Humor at.. Gura Humorului” started în 1991 out of the desire to value, in a humorous way, the appellation (naming) of the city even if its name is due to the location of Gura Humorului at the confluence of two rivers: Humor and Moldova.

As the cartoonist Albert Poch said, this place seems to have a predestined name to be a launching ramp, stage and shelter for those who have dedicated themselves, love and respect the art of laughing usefully.

Certainly, today, there are several people/institutions who claim the paternity of the Festival and, for the matter, I believe that everyone is right contributing according to their skills, love, tenacity, dedication and financial possibilities at the birth and perpetuation of the event.     However, I consider that the Festival wouldn’t have existed if there were no talented people at Gura Humorului who dare to face the harsh times until December’89 using the pen’s tip to set aright injustice, stupidity, ignorance, lack of respect or the malignity that governed our existence.

Even risking their freedom.

Their names are: George Gavrilean, Radu Bercea, Florin Sușinschi și Teo Bocăneț whose works were sought/hunted, commented and enjoyed with the same pleasure as the works of Mihai Stănescu. That was the beggining. An ideea materialized and supported by local and county institutions and, since 2014, in collaboration with the neighboring town – Mănăstirea Humorului — which assigned the section of humorous literature. For a while, the Festival had three sections: caricature, epigram and artistic interpretation, the third being abandoned when it slipped into vulgarity and indecensy. Today, the Festival Humor at.. Gura Humorului has become a complex cultural event including in addition to the competition sections, various humorous performances, personal exhibitions, documentaries and photography presentations, meetings with famous writers, craft fairs, etc. Since 2007, the Festival has really become an internationally one, known and recognized all over the world. Seriouslly, I used to say that only the participants from Antartica are missing. But how hope never dies…

On its anniversary, we had to thank all those who have worked hard that event can exist and rezist: the organizers, sponsors, members of the jury, artists, writers, to the honorary president of the Festival, Ștefan Popa Popa’s, participants, media collaborators and last but not least, to the public. Personally, I am honored to have been part of such a mechanism, having the chance to meet very, very special people, the chance to make wonderfull friends here, in my country and in the wider world, the chance to not lose my hope. I believe with all my might that, decent people, even if there are not many, will save us by their deeds.

    But do not get too comfortable!

    They need help!


Elvira Romaniuc

Cornel Udrea

A smile in the mirror. I consider myself a veteran of the Humorean Festival, we came into the present time together, bringing memories from the future and images of a unique, personalized cultural becoming. Over time, on the stage of the House of Culture, in the intimacy of literary creation, great names of our spirituality and not only have passed; the Festival has a chest full of medals offered by the entire benevolent community. Thousands and thousands of caricatures and epigrames from all over the world, shows — real artistic, collective and popular developments. Each time I returned with the passion of America’s redescovery and every time I was rewarded.

What makes this Festival a special one?
Unconditionally, it involves all the breath of the City and the people, very proud of themselves, are receiving the guests with salt and bread of the heart. Mănăstirea Humorului reverberates and breathes next to the Gura Humorului. Two dedicated mayors, a strong involved community and an impecable organization focused on the work of the museum team.

A few years ago I became an Honorary Citizen of the Gura Humorului and that’s why, but also for other reasons, I am passing this title in my biography. Thirty years from my live and from the City life; somewhere at the Subarini’s feet our soul meet..

Cornel Udrea

Constantin Moldovan

About ,,Humor… at Gura Humorului” I can only speak with enthusiasm, especially since — for a few years now — we, those from Mănăstirea Humorului, have been contributing to the smooth running of this special festival as parteners on the ,,humor literature” segment. Together we want to promote the entire region with all its beauty, with the welcoming, hardworking, faithfull people, country and traditions lovers. Over time, all the great names of humorous writing and satirical graphics were present here, at Humor. They will go on and saying about these places blessed by God. There are not many events of this kind that numer 30 editions. That why is appropriate, with due respect, to bend down before the kind-hearted people who put their shoulders, year after year, to increase the prestige of this Festival and I am bringing a pious homage to those who smile at us from heavens.

Dear friends, having the conviction that will see each other again, in Bucovina, to continue to write unforgettables pages in thoughts and souls, I ask the Creator to give you health and inspiration.

Confident, friend of Fortuna,
I salute you longingly
Invite you, as always:
Come at.. Humor, in Bucovina!

To our Festival I wish, as my Polish friends say, ,,sto lat” (to a hundred years)… And more than that!

Professor, Constantin Moldovan
Mayor of Mănăstirea Humorului, Suceava County