Viorel Corodescu COV

Humor… AT HUMOR!…

I am delighted that, together with Radu Bercea, George Gavrilean and Florin Sușinschi, we were the godparents of the First Humor Salon at Gura Humorului, of course with Vera Romaniuc, Constantin Logigan, Rodica Dominte, Marcel Mureșanu but also with my colleagues Vasile Crăiță — Mândră, Ștefan Popa Popa’s, Sorin Postolache, Gabriel Bratu, Mihai Pânzaru, Mihai Truică and epigrammists George Petrone, Cornel Udrea, Ștefan Stroe, Ion Cozmici, Ion Drăgușanul.

On this special anniversary (30 consecutive editions — the longest-lived and most recognized Romanian and for now, even international Humor show), I can say that I gathered in my bag 173 different stories: 74 years of life, 49 autumns of published caricature, 30 editions of the Humorean Salon and, since I gladly offer to the new hopes of drawing humor the prize COV, another 20.

As a native of Iași, adopted by the people of Bucovina since 1972 when I came to Suceava, I’m fully satisfied with the greatest joy brought to me by this event. In fact, I want you to know that Gura Humorului, led by the pleasent humorous mayor Marius Ursaciuc, is my second home next to bohemian world of Iași that formed me.

Even if, Covid-19 didn’t allow us to be together on this anniversary, I have the satisfaction of being by your side in the capital of Roumanian Humor. By signing COV the drawings, I even enjoy everything that God gives us and I have no past or future regrets.
May the festival last and fill our souls with joy and laugh healthily as we have done so far.

With friendship, I kindly sending you a image in this context.

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