Mihai Pânzaru PIM

30 years of Humor at Gura Humorului — to the world’s eyes, ears and heart

As is the tradition in Bucovina, not only the Wedding but also the Baptism involves a number of godparents, more than one as is customary in other places. So, the ideea of a humor festival at Gura Humorului was immediatly born after the Revolution from December ’89. I was also among these godparents together with Florin Sușinschi, Marcel Mureșeanu și Rodica Dominte from the county cultural forums, Gura Humorului Town Hall and the Museum of Popular Customs in Bucovina. The name of this festival seemed to be on the tip of the satirical art lovers tongue and literary cheerfulness. At that time, there were two necessary starting points: on the one hand, the International Humor Salon from Suceava (since 1974!) and on the other, the desire for the cultural-artistic emancipation of humorean people who have on their side the AZbest group lead by Marius Ursaciuc and the talented local group of cartoonists Florin Sușinschi, Radu Bercea, George Gavrileanu și Teo Bocăneț. Step by step, the humorean salon passed from a county status to a national and finally, into a international one. For this performance, in 1999, I was also rewarded with the title of Gura Humorului Honorary Citizen.
I’ m so pleased to mention important names of Romanian cartoonists present on the humorean panels: Gabriel Bratu, Octavian Bour, Constantin Ciosu, Crăiță Mândră Vasile, Horațiu Mălăele, Mihai Boacă, Florian Doru Crihană, PopaS (Academy), Olaș Doru Ghiocel, Constantin Papuc, George Licurici, Alexandru Bartfeld, Paula Șalar, Ovidiu Ambrozie Bortă – BoA, Mara Ungureanu, Iulian Dziubinschi, Sorin Ursan from Clit, etc. Ars longa, vita brevis!
In the meanwhile, esteemed and regretted caricaturists have passed away: George Gavrileanu, Sorin Postolache, Molnar Denes, Traian Furnea, Mihai Stănescu, Zebi Ianovici! Among the humorous writers I am pleased to mention Cornel Udrea, Ananie Gagniuc, Constantin Moldovan but also the beloved passed one, Efim Tarlapan from Basarabia… The 30 years editions celebration is made online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a time of highlighted humor only by the physical and spiritual existence of his true servants. The Salon was born in postrevolutionary Romania and now is celebrated in the UE community.
Congratulations to us, from more to greater!
Even under the mask, you can grin from ear to ear.

Mihai Pânzaru – PIM, Sketcher, Knight of Art, July 2020

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