Discover what famous people within the Festival say about it.

Viorel Corodescu COV

Humor… AT HUMOR!… I am delighted that, together with Radu Bercea, George Gavrilean and Florin Sușinschi, we were the godparents of the First Humor Salon at Gura Humorului, of course with Vera Romaniuc, Constantin Logigan, Rodica Dominte, Marcel Mureșanu but also with my colleagues Vasile Crăiță — Mândră, Ștefan Popa Popa’s, Sorin Postolache, Gabriel Bratu,… Deschide (Read more) “Viorel Corodescu COV”

Stefan Popa Popas

Humor at… Gura Humorului — 30 Famous artists have passed during ,,Humor at.. Gura Humorului” , 30 editions Festival bringing prestige not only for the city but also to Romania by the fact that it has been internationalized and has a well deserved place into satirical and humor landscape competitions. There were difficult times when… Deschide (Read more) “Stefan Popa Popas”

Mihai Pânzaru PIM

30 years of Humor at Gura Humorului — to the world’s eyes, ears and heart As is the tradition in Bucovina, not only the Wedding but also the Baptism involves a number of godparents, more than one as is customary in other places. So, the ideea of a humor festival at Gura Humorului was immediatly… Deschide (Read more) “Mihai Pânzaru PIM”

Elvira Romaniuc

At the age of 30, the age of maturity, it is worth remembering some moments from the existence of a Festival which became a reference point on the map of the world’s comedians. The International Festival of Satirical Graphics and Humorous Literature ,,Humor at.. Gura Humorului” started în 1991 out of the desire to value,… Deschide (Read more) “Elvira Romaniuc”

Cornel Udrea

A smile in the mirror. I consider myself a veteran of the Humorean Festival, we came into the present time together, bringing memories from the future and images of a unique, personalized cultural becoming. Over time, on the stage of the House of Culture, in the intimacy of literary creation, great names of our spirituality… Deschide (Read more) “Cornel Udrea”

Constantin Moldovan

About ,,Humor… at Gura Humorului” I can only speak with enthusiasm, especially since — for a few years now — we, those from Mănăstirea Humorului, have been contributing to the smooth running of this special festival as parteners on the ,,humor literature” segment. Together we want to promote the entire region with all its beauty,… Deschide (Read more) “Constantin Moldovan”